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    Kr Eunchae
    7 months ago
    Q. Let's End Human Trafficking Together
    Hi, Noela. I watched your video and writing well. I go to a middle school in Busan, Korea. There are various types of human trafficking, but I think our main topic is sex trafficking and child trafficking. In the case of sex trafficking (including marriage trafficking), I think it is a matter of low gender consciousness. The subconscious gender discrimination is serious. It is no problem to indirectly mention the sex trade in Korea. It is often said that prostitution is the social life of men. Former sex dealer also said that men family gather on holidays often visit sex trade sites. Several articles have reported that these low-gander conscious men often go to Southeast Asia for prostitution. Therefore, if such sex buyers do not disappear, sex trade will not disappear. 1) prevention: In our school, we should demand to be recieved feminism education form government or members of Congress. 2) prsecutation:We need to hold a demonstrate and petition with constant interest to ensure that the punishment of sex trafficking buyers and brokers is done properly. 3) protection: We need to help protect and treat the victims. We also have to continue to protest and petition to be protected legally. Child labor exploitation uses a child's weak magnetism. It is also international organized as is all human trafficking. Therefore, I think what we can do is best to press the investigation of this wide range of international organizations through inter-state cooperation, rescue victims of human trafficking, and fund or service certified institutions with funds that can be protected. If there are any other ideas or measures to eradicate human trafficking, I hope we can discuss them together.
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