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Title / Name Country Organization Introduction Boarded students
Skolska ILIC, Ivana Me ME Gimnazija "Slobodan Šk... Professor of italian language 8
20180525 183758   %d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bf%d0%b8%d1%8f BLOKHINA, Svitlana Ua UA Brovary Gymnasium Name... I am a teacher of English. Our students have taken part in some international projects and we think it is the great oppotunity to practise English with friends. My students from primary and secondary schools are very creative, they would like to have friends from another countries to know their way of life, culture and traditions. 0
%e2%80%aa 91 99494 61414%e2%80%ac 20180916 170159 VULLAMGUNTA, Venk... In IN Government High School I am Venkat from India working as an English language teacher in a local government high school. It's located in a rural area. I would like to improve language skills in my students by interacting penal, exchanging videos and Skype chatting. 0
Corto maltese %283%29 GLUSICA, Vlajko Me ME High School Slobodan S... 2
20180314 120149 FYSUN, Larisa Ua UA School Parostok I am a teacher of the school Parostok, Ukraine, Poltava, Pedcentre Academia I am interested in encouraging my students talk, making social projects together and getting new ways of collaborating. 6
Krasivye kartinki priroda 2278640 KUCHER, Tanya Ua UA Poltava School №26 I am ateacher. 0
Img %285%29 DANYSH, Nadiia Ua UA 118 'Vsesvit' School, ... 0
Img 20180105 162705 MIKšA, Dijana Hr HR OŠ Side Košutić Radoboj I am an English teacher in a small village school in Croatia. I teach students from 10 to 14 years of age. I always try to make my lessons more interesting for the students and that is why I think this platform might be quite useful. 14
%d0%a0%d0%b8%d1%81%d1%83%d0%bd%d0%be%d0%ba14 BAYKOVA, Svitlana Ua UA International Relation... International Relations Lyceum 51 is a participant of the UNESCO ASP net project from 1997. It works in support of the four pillars of learning for the 21st century: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together. Our motto is: “There are many of us, we are different but we live in harmony”. Our Lyceum’s structure comprises three stages: Primary School (forms 1-4); Middle School (forms 5-9) and Lyceum (forms 10-11). Students are taught according to the curriculum of the Intensive English Language School. At the lyceum stage, the school has two departments: Foreign Languages and Economics. International cooperation is one of the priorities of our lyceum. We have a lot of ties with educational establishments all over the world and we use our partners’ best practices in the educational process. Our teachers try to introduce innovative methods helping students be mobile, effective and successful in the globalized world. We travel a lot. Due to this we learn a lot about different cultures. Learning languages is a great way to widen the horizons and gain valuable personal contacts. Our lyceum traditionally marks the special dates according to UNESCO calendar. We promote Peace Culture through different activities. International conferences and forums help establish an inter-cultural dialogue with the peers from different corners of the world. The school warmly welcomes visitors at any time. 0
D7e47df0 64d1 4c48 8640 ba2302179c23 GOSPOčIć, Željka Hr HR OŠ Ante Starčevića, Re... I'm a primary school teacher. I teach English as a second language. Like to involve in new projects. Looking forward to meet new teachers. 15