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Img 4893 LILLEY, Emily Us US Hangzhou Shanghai Worl... Hello! I am Emily. I am a 6th grade teacher at an International Baccalaureate School in Hangzhou, China. I am originally from the United States. This is my seventh year teaching middle school students. My students are preparing for the PYP Exhibition and are studying the Global Goals and how they can help achieve them! I'd love to chat with other middle school students around the world. 0
1552399123666 KIM, Hye Jeong Kr KR 충남외국어고등학교 Hello :) I am a teacher in South Korea. I teach English at a high school. I'm interested in culture exchange and global citizenship education. I am looking forward to meeting a new friend! 0
15534127987097731164359083571333 SCHAUER, Jordan Kr KR Daegu University 0
Pasfoto fatima KERSTEN, Fatima Nl NL Kentalis Compas College Hello, I am mrs. Kersten, and I teach SLI students at a high school in the Netherlands. I would really like my students to be able to get contacts across the world, so they can have the genuine experience of using English as a foreign language. 0
20180707 105920 LEE, Julie Kr KR 천안불무중학교 Hello! I teach English in Middle school in Korea. I'm planning to work with the students who want to make friends with other countries. I expect to see you! 0
20190117 234644 PARK, Youngmi Kr KR 천상중학교 0
Tulips PARK, Seonmi Kr KR 거창여자중학교 0
20180108 144847 JEONG, Yun Hee Kr KR 광려중학교 Hi, I teach English in a middle school in South Korea. I hope that I can give my students chances to communicate in English in the real world. Thank you. 0
301a1d80 803c 44de bec7 544cddb6763c ROTH, Johanna Se SE Båstad Montessori I’m a teacher who love to get engaged in different projects to get the students to enjoy learning the English language. 0
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