About Storypal

Storypal is a community platform for educators interested in leveraging the power of pen pal in their educational engineering. Pen pal exchanges provide a unique context that gives the students the feeling of liberated yet challenged while being naturally conditioned to be imaginative, logical and empathetic. Storypal is dedicated to bringing out the intrinsic value of pen pal for the benefits of global educators and learners.

Peer to Peer Exchange

Monthly Ticket: $0

Teachers looking for peer to peer pen pal exchange for students in class room settings can find partners on Storypal and manage exchange using the tools available on Storypal for free. The tools include topic cards, match wish for finding a partner teacher, shuffle match button for matching students, letter boxes for monitoring exchange satus and much more!

[Pentor] Original Exchange

Monthly Ticket (4 Exchanges): $75

Students will receive a paragraph long letter (depending on how long the student's letter was) and a short video message from pen pal tutors attending universities. The pen pal tutors will share their lives in the universities and other personal interests. Students can ask few questions about school admissions but should not ask too much of technical questions. Pen pal tutors are free to decline the exchange if they feel the exchanges are focused too much on school admission.

[Pentor] Creative Exchange

Monthly Ticket (4 Exchanges): $90

Students can decide either to write a story or share an illustration with a short description with a pen pal tutor. The pen pal tutor will write back feedback along with a short video message. The pen pal tutor will make suggestions to improve the story.

[Pentor] Academic Exchange

Monthly Ticket (4 Exchanges): $120

Students will receive bullet points of comments that highlight what is done well and what could be improved along with a short video message. Pen pal tutor will suggest an article, a book, or a YouTube link based on student interests.