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  • 20171111 111159
    Kr Olivia
    3 months ago
    Q. Life below Water

    Hi I'm Olivia from In Gavel Club. I poin out 'Microplastic' as the most big problem. It is a small plastic less than 5mm. It is also contained in toothpaste and cleaning agents. It is too small so we can't filter it and it flows into rivers and seas. Fish in rivers and sea mistake the plastic as food. And we eat these fish. Micro plastic in our body makes intestinal obstruction and adverse effects on growth.

    We should demand for government to tighten regulations on microplastic. And we must rduce the use of plastic and separate trash. Thank you.


  • 20180917 003215
    Kr Jerry Seo
    4 months ago
    Q. Let's End Human Trafficking Together

    Hello Noela! This is Jerry from In Gavel Club, South Korea. I've watched your video about human trafficking and comfort woman. First I don't have much background information about human trafficking. In Korea, students like me don't know much about human trafficking. We don't get a lot of information at school, and there are only a few things that you can find in the internet. I think because there aren't a lot of human trafficking here, the government doesn't make much education programs for students. On the other hand, comfort woman is a huge issue in Korea. We are still fighting for the apology of the Japanese government, and almost all of the Koreans know about comfort woman, and they are angry about it. But sadly, not a lot of people know that comfort woman has existed till the 1960's. Many woman were kidnapped and were taken to U.S army stations. At this time, the Korean government had tolerated the comfort woman, and even encouraged the comfort woman, calling them patriots. i believe that this tragic event has a close connection with both human trafficking and comfort woman. It is also my belief that there are more cases of human trafficking and comfort woman in Korea and also all around the world. We should all pay more attention and speak our thoughts about these crimes that are against humanity. Because of this, I am really impressed with MygenMyFight. You and your club should keep up your good work! This comment might not be a reply to your discussion question, by I just wanted to say that what you are doing is a really thoughtful thing. Again, please keep up your good work!! See you another time^^