About Storypal




Storypal is an educational cross-cultural communication platform

for a community of elementary to high school students and educators.  



Message from Founders

21st century education gives a great opportunity for global collaboration. Storypal allows educators and learners to experience the world in unique and empathetic ways. On Storypal, teachers, parents, educational institutions and students themselves create the educational community through cultural exchanges, sharing class projects, and interdisciplinary learning.

We envision a world where students can easily immerse in cross-cultural communication practices no matter where they are. By learning about and supporting each other, we harness global friendship and communication.


With much gratitude and love,

Heehwa Choi & Sumbal Shaffi


Storypal Team


Our mission is to harness global friendship and communication

for the empowerment of educational endeavours of individuals around the world.


Storypal is co-founded by Heehwa Choi and Sumbal Shaffi with a founding advisor Miyoung Jang. During the early phase we recieved, and are receiving a lot of support from talented and kind people. We thank Justin Koepepasah who helped us get set up with basic IT infra for team communication, Gyuri Kim (checkout Gyuri's work) for working on branding and visual communication with us, Joshua Wera for always helping out us with videos, Tanner Balldus for helping us out with javascript, and others who provided us with various invaluable resources.


Storypal Story


Before starting Storypal with Sumbal, Heehwa ran a project Storycookers with Hwanu Cho, Mike Otieno and Joshua Wera with the help of Joohye Song, Soojung Jang, Agnes Amooti Kwebaza, Clare Park and many others along the way. Storycookers received Korean government funding in 2012 and 2013 for social enterprises, and provided children's story creating workshops for elementary students in Korea, Kenya and Uganda. Although the project did not formulate into a sustainable business model, it highlighted the global interaction and friendship as powerful motivation for students' learning in writing and cultural understanding. Heehwa decided to continue to pursue this idea through a new startup Storypal.

Along the way Heehwa met Sumbal who became co-founder and COO of Storypal. They met through a mutual friend at the time when Heehwa was studying Social Enterprise MBA at Korea Institute of Advance Science and Technology (KAIST), and Sumbal was teaching ESL students at an elementary school across KAIST. Storypal developed and is developing to ingnite unlimited potentials within young students by empowering them with global connections. Storypal is different from Storycookers as it is designed as a platform that enables awesome teachers, organizaitons and students interested in sharing their projects and stories globally do so in a fun, safe and efficient environment, while Storycookers was focused on providing offline programs. However, the value remains the same which are cross-cultural friendship and communication. Storypal will continue to evolve based on what the community needs to best harness the power of global friendship and communication to best accompany individuals inspiring the world.