Life below Water
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9 months ago

- How do we impact life below water?    

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    Kr Olivia
    8 months ago
    Q. Life below Water

    Hi I'm Olivia from In Gavel Club. I poin out 'Microplastic' as the most big problem. It is a small plastic less than 5mm. It is also contained in toothpaste and cleaning agents. It is too small so we can't filter it and it flows into rivers and seas. Fish in rivers and sea mistake the plastic as food. And we eat these fish. Micro plastic in our body makes intestinal obstruction and adverse effects on growth.

    We should demand for government to tighten regulations on microplastic. And we must rduce the use of plastic and separate trash. Thank you.

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    Kr Ted
    8 months ago
    Q. Life below Water

    Hi! I'm Ted from In Gavel Club. I think big problem is garbage. Because most garbage go to the sea, and garbage pollute the sea. If some ship crash to stone,  a lot of oil pollute the sea. Also some fishing man burst garbage. This things are pollute the sea and killed fish and other living things. If we fix this things we can protect  living things in the ocean. Thank you.

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