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Quality Education For All : Poor And Rich
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3 months ago

What can we do to make our education efficient for all.

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    Us Ms. Jean Rhee
    3 months ago

    Education is such a huge part of all of our lives no matter what your background is or where you come from. Educators are everywhere and not just from the schools. 

    On that note, I would like to share an oldie but goodie presentation of Sir Ken Robinson from Ted Talks. I believe his presentation can give us some ideas on efficient education.





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    Us Noela
    3 months ago
    Efficient education means that the students learn the material in an organized fashion. The teacher's job is to make the learning experience as easy as possible for the students to understand. Easy does not mean having little work, however, the student should be able to learn quickly without getting stuck or confused. Although the student needs to put in their full effort in learning, education would be efficient for everyone if teachers did their part and provided for the students. :)

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    Kr Ms. Heehwa Choi
    3 months ago
    Thanks for posting an important question! What challenges do you face as an educator in your country or in your school?

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